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Classes ended back in March and the semester is shortly coming to a close. The next big challenge is my dissertation! Thank you for reading the content here for the past few months. I would like to finish up by sharing with you the materials I have created for the same unit I am managing this blog for. If you decide to use the action maze, please let me know how it goes! I would be very interested to see how useful it is~ The second material I created, a Wikispaces site, is there for demonstrative purposes only, but feel free to create your own class wiki ^o^


Wikispaces site

Drop me a comment if you have any further questions.


Overcoming the digital divide: limited technology contexts


‘Hole in the wall’ kiosks in New Delhi, India

I have been wanting to post something about this subject since the start of this unit as it was always a question I had at the back of my mind. That question is how do we deal with learning contexts where technology is limited?

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